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  • Product NamePhoslock
  • Item NO.010
  • Weight25.0000 kg = 55.1156 lb = 881.8490 oz
  • CategoryPhoslock
  • Creation Time2022-08-11


Control moss: This product is rich in unique natural mineral element lanthanum, which can quickly adjust the balance of inorganic salts in the pond, and fix phosphorus, so that it can not continue to be used by harmful algae in the water, so as to inhibit the breeding and reproduction of moss, without any toxic and side effects on breeding animals and water;

Water grass maintenance: it is rich in medium amount of element silicon, which can significantly improve the stress resistance of water grass in the breeding pond, enhance the photosynthetic efficiency, and improve the self-purification ability of the stems and leaves of water grass;

Enhance physical fitness: supplement a variety of trace elements for the growth of cultured animals, increase the physical strength of cultured animals, enhance the ability to resist disease.

Mechanism of phosphorus-locking agent

Phoslock can effectively adsorb phosphorus in the water body during the sedimentation process. When it precipitates on the sediment interface, it can passivate the phosphorus at the water-soil interface and organize the release of endogenous phosphorus; the phoslock can also control the phosphorus content in the water body by controlling the phosphorus content. , so that it cannot be used by algae, thereby inhibiting the growth and reproduction of cyanobacteria.


Scope of application: This product is suitable for lakes, reservoirs, rivers, large drinking water source pond, residential area landscape lake and other different water bodies

Effect: before using this product, there are more cyanobacteria in the water, the second day after using this product, cyanobacteria significantly reduced, the total phosphorus value decreased by more than 80%, the fifth day after using, the amount of cyanobacteria in the water can not be seen by the naked eye, the total phosphorus value decreased by more than 95%, reaching the five water standards.

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